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800 Shoes for School - 8 Salvations for Forever!

This first week of August, Sole 2 Soul partnered with sponsoring churches Elevation , First Baptist Indian Trail East Campus and community partner Ground40 to bless children from the Charlotte Metro area with over 800 pairs of shoes!

800 Charlotte Metro area (Matthews, Mint Hill, Monroe, Charlotte) students will start their school year with a new pair of shoes and reassurance that their community cares about them because of our generous supporters and dedicated volunteers.

During this past week, S2S helped 8 children come to Christ and pray the salvation prayer during these outreaches. Countless other children left with the hope that only Jesus can give. The children realize that hope when the S2S volunteers get to know them, wash their feet, and pray with them. If the child wants to know more about the Jesus who loves them, the volunteers pray the salvation prayer with them. S2S uses a two-sided doll from Dolls on Mission.

Marissa Hughes - Volunteer Coordinator for Elevation Church and Sole 2 Soul

Dolls on Mission are donated to S2S and used by the volunteers to talk about life with Jesus and life without Jesus in a way that children can easily understand. The doll also serves to comfort the kids and represent Christ’s love, even after the S2S event is over.

The dolls have two faces – one sad and one happy. The sad face represents when the child is sad before knowing Jesus, and the happy face is when the child gets to know Jesus. The dolls come with colorful beaded necklaces. Each bead color represents different parts of a walk with Christ.

Black = Sin

Red = Christ’s blood shed on the cross

White = Forgiveness of sins

Blue = Christ’s resurrection

Green = Life with Christ

Yellow = Heaven for eternity with Christ through salvation

One little girl (photographed here) was so excited about Jesus after getting to know one of the volunteer coordinators for Elevation Church and S2S (Marissa) that she asked the volunteer to tell her more about Jesus. She asked, “why does he love me so much?” Marissa explained a life with Christ and a life without Christ by using the doll, the beaded necklace, and the laminated prayers that come with the doll.

The child was so happy that she kept hugging Marissa, and she gave her heart to Christ!

That is what S2S is all about. Sole 2 Soul wants to give shoes for today, faith for tomorrow.

Shoes are a basic necessity for all people. Without working shoes, people can suffer from pain and missed opportunities. With new shoes, people can begin to live their best lives free from disease and disappointments. S2S provides new socks and shoes to children (and adults) in need and uses this opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. S2S provides new socks and shoes to children (and adults) in need and uses this opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last month, S2S announced that it had given over 50,000 pairs of shoes in its first 2 years of mission work, and now the mission has given over 53,500. This is only possible through our generous sponsors, dedicated volunteers, and community partners.

Thank you for sharing the love throughout the Charlotte area this past week through Elevation’s #LOVEWeek and other church outreaches!

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