Each pair of shoes and socks costs between $8-10, and if finances were not an issue, S2S would supply as many children and adults in need of shoes and socks in North Carolina, throughout the United States of America, and throughout the worlds. Your donation of $8-$10 can change a child's life.



Volunteers sit with the children and wash their feet. Shoes are given with names written in them, notes inside, and with the heartfelt prayers from dedicated volunteers. 


As volunteers sit with the children and give them the gift of shoes for their feet, they share with the children the message of Jesus. Often children choose to know Jesus forever. 

S2S Mission



With the support of over 20 partnering organizations including churches, nonprofits, and business sponsors, Sole2Soul has provided more than 60,000 pairs of shoes since the start in 2017.




Sole 2 Soul has the support of partnering organizations to promote events, plan, and drive donations. This has resulted in funds raised and shoes given consistently throughout more than 20 countries worldwide.



By sending shoes in suitcases with missionaries that are already going to countries, we avoid additional shipping costs. Sole 2 Soul operates with almost no overhead costs so every dollar that is given to the mission is used for the mission.

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