S2S MISSION  Our mission is to give shoes while sharing the message of Jesus Christ!


S2S VISION We see a world where everyone has footwear and faith in Jesus.


S2S VALUES We have a Christ-Centered approach to blessing our community by utilizing good stewardship, embracing real relationships, and leading with integrity. 

S2S Statistics 2017-2019:


  • Hundreds of kids accepted JESUS

  • 20 countries/territories served

  • More than half the U.S. served

  • Constructed 2 orphanages in Kenya and Uganda

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Locations Given Shoes

  • United States of America

  • Jamaica    

  • Uganda

  • Mexico

  • Guatemala

  • Dominican Republic

  • Kenya   

  • Ghana           

  • Puerto Rico              

  • Zambia                                      

  • Columbia, South America          

  • Ukraine      

  • St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

  • St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Congo, Africa 

  • Costa Rica

  • India    

  • Haiti            

  • Pakistan             

  • Liberia                                       

Christian Life Pre and Primary School

Kisoro district, South-Western Uganda

They had never put on shoes. Their feet soles were bare and striped.
But now, you have brought hope to them, now clad in beautiful leather
shoes. They look beautiful from sole to soul!
Our children will no longer sob but rejoice, as their hands in yours
[now] lie.

Our school motto, The Future Begins Here needs to changed to Our
Future Begins with Sole2Soul Mission.
Thank you to all of the supporters of Sole2Soul.
Words alone can’t describe our heartfelt gratitude to your awesome
support to our needy children.

Kids for Peace Kanyanya Organization

Kampala, Uganda

The situation at hand was alarming as kids were walking barefooted to and from school. A few had worn out shoes with big holes.


S2S responded with support for 35 pairs of  new, leather back-to-school  shoes. As I write, the kids are happily in school studying so well now.


We value and highly appreciate your support! It's made a big difference.