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100% of your donations benefit childr


210,000 shoes & counting given since 2017.



  • Founded in 2017

  • Why: Jill Fagala worked as the school nurse & when she realized a student cut his only pair of shoes to make them fit, and still had sores, she and her family stepped into action. Ever since then faithful volunteers have followed their lead. 
  • What: Instead of waiting for neighbors in need to come to the church, S2S meets them where they're at - in the community they live with shoes, shelter, food, and prayer.
  • Where: Monroe, North Carolina, throughout the USA, and any other country in need.
  • Who: Children and adults are in need of food, footwear, and faith throughout the world, so S2S goes anywhere anyone is in need. 
  • When: People are in need of Jesus today, the rest of their lives, and for the rest of eternity. So since shoes, food, shelter, and faith are a need all the time, we are in need all the time! 
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