Why shoes?

Shoes are a basic necessity for all people.

Without working shoes, people can suffer from pain and missed opportunities.

With new shoes, people can begin to live their best lives free from disease and disappointments.  

People need new shoes.

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S2S buys new shoes for people.

Volunteers give shoes and pray with people.


People around the world need footwear to cover the soles of their feet and Jesus to cover their souls.

Shoes are needed to guard off disease, but CLOSE TO HALF A BILLION children live in extreme poverty worldwide and face going without new shoes.

1 in 5 children in the US (15 million) live in poverty and 41% of US children are living in low-income families.


1.5 billion people are infected with diseases through contaminated soil that could've easily been prevented by proper footwear.

S2S provides new socks and shoes to children (and adults) in need and uses this opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.