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On Tuesday February 27, 2019 several families residing at the Seven Trees Community Center parking lot were blessed with new shoes by Sole 2 Soul Mission. The families are struggling with homelessness and as a part of San Jose's Safe Parking Program, the families can park and sleep at the center.

The Safe Parking Program is made possible through LifeMoves, a nonprofit that provides services to individuals and families fighting homelessness in San Jose. The program works to give families a safe place to park and sleep and transition into staying at shelters, with family or friends, or in their own homes. Soon the program hopes to also include individuals and couples.

S2S visited the San Jose area after learning through Cisco Systems leadership that there are families living in their cars in the city. S2S has personal and professional connections with the leadership of CISCO and trusted that this was an urgent need that their partnership could meet.

LifeMoves worked to give S2S the shoe sizes for all of the 65 individuals being served by the program. S2S plans to mail shoes to particicants that were not able to register before the outreach event.

The families served by LifeMoves and the safe parking program are struggling with stability, and the children often do not have the shoes that they need to go to school. S2S blessed the children with something to call their own and something they can count on, a brand new pair of sneakers.

“God told us we need to take care of the ones who can’t take care of themselves." - John Fagala, Executive Director of Sole 2 Soul Missions

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