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John Fagala


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Kelli Fagala


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Jill Fagala

Board Member

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Micah Fagala

Board Member

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Caroline Fagala

Board Member

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Kevin Tucker

Board Chair

Mark Perko

Board Member

Our strength as a nonprofit is anchored on the expertise and robust experience that our cofounders and leadership have. All leadership members are obedient to a benevolent God and follow the call to serve neighbors. Through this faith in a loving, almighty God, the mission has been well led and funded. With their strong faith, leadership members have lent their God-given talents to the mission.


With a rich abundance of assets housed in the abilities of its leadership, Sole 2 Soul has been very blessed with many in-kind donations. Leadership members have devoted the resources of decades of skills and experience: servant leadership, public relations, marketing, grant writing, communications, graphic design, web design, and bookkeeping.


With these capabilities, Sole 2 Soul has kept overhead costs extremely low. Beyond their expertise and robust experience, their network is also a great strength for the organization.

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Hanna Richardson

Board Member

Josh Chaney 

Board Member